Proudly supported by the British Italian Society.

ZAVA Productions in association with Lorenzo Mannelli and Park Theatre presents

Hide and Seek

By Tobia Rossi. Translated and directed by Carlotta Brentan.

Hide and Seek is a moving and darkly entertaining play that pits two teenage boys against each other in the face of the contagious prejudice of their small Italian town. Gio, who has never felt accepted by anyone – not by parents, teachers or peers – decides to disappear and hide out in a secluded cave. When his popular classmate Mirko discovers him, Gio enlists him as an accomplice, convincing him to preserve his secret despite the media frenzy over his disappearance. The boys embark on an unexpected journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, setting in motion a series of dramatic consequences. 

The play shines a light on bullying, homophobia and the power of social media, exploring how discriminatory voices can deeply impact young minds. It highlights how being yourself is still a risky proposition in our society when it comes to sexual orientation and independent thought. 

Tobia Rossi is one of Italy’s foremost playwrights. Hide and Seek won the 2019 Mario Fratti Award at In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY. The worldwide premiere of the English translation was presented in May 2022 at The Tank, NYC. This production transfers from VAULT Festival 2023 where it was first performed in front of a British audience.

There will be post-show events after some performances. On 18th March the post-show will be dedicated to the BIS with a disussion on:

“A Suburbia Italian Story Travelling the World”,  featuring Cindy Marcolina (Theatre Critics), Tobia Rossi (Writer) and Dimitri Scarlato (Com.It.Es Councillor and Composer).

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