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Almost contemporaries, Cicero and Ovid—orator and poet by trade—have nothing in common except that they were the greatest of their time, and that they were exiled from Rome at some point in their lives. They both talk at length about the circumstances that led to their banishment and about being in exile (about not being in Rome), Cicero in several speeches and in a book of “private” letters, Ovid in two collections of poems amounting to nine books. How deeply intertwined are Cicero’s and Ovid’s writings? And what does this odd connection tell us about the hardships of exile, both as a literary theme and as a real-life experience?

Gabriele Rota is Junior Research Fellow in Classics at The Queen’s College, Oxford, and outreach officer of the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures. He works on classical Latin literature, and on its reception and transmission from antiquity to the Enlightenment.


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Monday 24 January 2022