settembre 15, 2017 Anglo-Italian Events
Italian Cultural Institute presents: Fascism and Populism today
The autumn at the Italian Cultural Institute is dedicated to contemporary history: twelve talks on "The Pace of History, the Principle of Democracy", from 21 September, organised by Professor Andrea Mammone (Royal Holloway) and Professor Umberto Gentiloni (La Sapienza, Rome).
In a fast-moving world, these talks analyse the current state of western democracies, including the changing faces of politics, the relationships between citizens and institutions, the impact of new media, the rising inequalities, and how society and culture react to these challenges.
5 October 2017, 7pm
Giuseppe Veltri (University of Trento): Is direct democracy possible?
23 November 2017, 7pm 
John Foot (University of Bristol): Welfare
7 December 2017, 7pm
David Forgacs (New York University): Culture/Anti-Culture