Hide and Seek, a play by Tobia Rossi

HIDE and SEEK is a darkly entertaining play that pits two teenage boys against each other in the face of contagious hatred and prejudice in their small Italian town. Desperate to escape his reality, Gio runs away and hides in a cave. When his classmate Mirko finds him, the boys embark on an unexpected journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, setting in motion a series of dramatic consequences.

Being yourself is still a risky proposition in our society when it comes to sexual orientation and independent thought. HIDE and SEEK explores how vulnerable young minds can be to loud, discriminatory voices in the media and all around them.

What does it take to accept yourself when nobody else does?


HIDE and SEEK, produced by Zava Production, will premiere in London at VAULT Festival on 21, 22, 23 February 2023!

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