Beatrice Spadea. One Step Closer to the Sky

First solo show at JC Gallery from 20th October to 5th November.

The Italian artist Beatrice Spadea is an innovative emerging artist and recent Arte Laguna finalist who plays with the power of images to evoke surreal scenarios.

Her work breaks through space and reveals an imaginative world that brings us beyond the heaviness of reality. Through the use of simple materials such as paper, aluminium and cotton threads, she borrows images from the natural world and reworks them according to her personal vision.  Sometimes the paper is used as a metaphor for a torn body, other times the aluminium acts as a mirror through which we see a sky in a room, joining the observer in a journey across the power of images.


JC Gallery, 14A Hay Hill, London W1J 8N

Tel: +44207 6291323 – E-mail:


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