Grimaldi’s last Act – By Tricolore Theatre Company

Tricolore’s latest play, Grimaldi’s Last Act, commemorates Regency England A-List celebrity Joseph Grimaldi. On the occasion of his farewell performance at Covent Garden Theatre in June 1828, Grimaldi reflects on his life.

Grimaldi was an actor, comedian, and dancer. If you have ever been to the pantomime or seen clowns at the circus, it’s likely that they were influenced by Joseph Grimaldi. In the late 1700s, a clown was a minor character in a whimsical show called a Harlequinade, a largely silent performance with music, dancing, comedy, and pathos. Grimaldi expanded that role into the baggy suited, colourful, painted-faced clown who graces our circuses today. He played many comedy and serious roles to audience acclaim.


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